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Our primary goal is to provide you with safe and effective long-term weight loss with this program using local and organic foods in the weekly meal service.

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About P2 hCG

What is the P2 hCG Diet? P2hCG describes Phase two of Dr Simeons’ unique and amazing diet program.  By pairing the program with hCG Meals Austin, you will not only lose weight but, you will learn how to change how you eat.  You will be introduced to new foods and flavor combinations, and you will earn that changing what you eat is not suffering, it serves you better and still tastes great. Here are some facts about the hCG meals Austin plan: You will lose weight fast and safely You will lose weight without exercise during the program It becomes difficult for your body to gain this weight back when you have successfully completed this program This program can change your life by resetting your metabolism and eliminating food craving  The hCGweight loss protocol was developed...More...


First and foremost, this program works if the protocol is adhered to absolutely.  Here is what you can expect from this program : Weight loss from the very first day An average weight loss of one pound per day for the duration of the program Loss of adipose fat or “stored fat” in your problem areas Loss of inches in waistline, hips, arms, legs, and gluteus Food cravings dramatically lessened A renewed, healthy relationship with food An understanding of proper portion size and good food choices A better understanding of what wellness means to you and for you Attainment of healthy body composition : a healthy ratio of fat to lean muscle Promotion of better health and longevity Secondly, the meal plan makes all of this possible.  Each meal is fresh, prepared with care, and...More...

Customer Testimonials

THE MOST essential component in my success.

The HcG program encompasses many variables and in my view, retraining my eating habits and ensuring the food component is accurate, healthy and balanced , for me, was THE MOST essential component in my success. By enrolling Chef Andrew and his team at Spirited Foods,

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